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For more than 40 years, leading brand and product quality has been the hallmark of WALSER. Founded in 1977, we are one of the market leaders in car interior equipment and accessories, safety and comfort. As an example, we sell over 4 million seat covers each year that are testimony to our expertise and the trust of our customers in our products. In the field of comfort and safety accessories for your vehicle we are a supply partner that you can rely on!

WALSER Wert - Ihr Partner

WALSER GmbH is already able to reflect on more than 40 years of company history, which from the very beginning was synonymous with leading brand and product quality. The beginnings of the family business date back to 1919 when Johann Walser first prepared hides and animal skins for the local tannery. In 1977, WALSER GmbH was founded in Hohenems, Austria and in 1979, the first factory was equipped for sewing upholstery. During the 1990s and 2000s WALSER GmbH expanded with several locations in China and Europe, and to a large logistics centre at Gallin, Hamburg. WALSER started up its online shop in 2008 and it continues today to offer you high-quality products and the highest level of service.

The first sewing shop for car seat covers in Hohenems/AT:

Walser GmbH erste Nähstube Autositzbezüge 1979


New build WALSER GmbH headquater in Hohenems/AT:

Walser GmbH Hauptsitz Hohenemes Österreich


Founding of the Walser office in China, Hangzhou:

Walser China Hangzhou


New logistics centre in Gallin near Hamburg/DE:

Walser Logistikzentrum Gallin Hamburg


Over more than 40 years since our founding, we have always been reinventing ourselves and constantly evolving. Eighteen registered patents and a focus on process developments in the R&D area as well as digitisation continue to drive forward the expansion and the modern development of the company at a rapid pace. The best example of innovative development at WALSER is the CLIX airbag system for car seat covers. The first seat cover was tested in 2002 and the number of tests are continuously being extended with new vehicles right up to today.

From the beginning, we were inspired by the vision of producing products that enhance the safety and comfort of our customers. As a result, our product range is orientated towards automotive accessories, safety and comfort, and sports and leisure, but in every case always to the needs of our customers. Our expertise in the production and distribution of products in these segments is supported by our many years of experience in the market and confirmed by the feedback from our customers. For example, we sell more than 4 million seat covers each year, which are a testimony to our expertise as well as the confidence that our customers place in WALSER products. Countless test certificates from external, independent testing institutes, such as the TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH, the TÜV Austria or the Hohenstein Institute, confirm our feel and flair for innovation, product safety and quality and new technologies.

We are a reliable supply partner for you in the area of safety and comfort associated with vehicles and we take your needs seriously!

Walser GmbH Hohenems Team

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 The team behind the Walser GmbH in Hohenems/Austria.