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As a universal rubber mats or mats for many types of vehicles, rubber mats are available at specialist dealers
They usually perform long and unobtrusively their services - The rubber foot supports in every car the necessary basic equipment. As a protection against wear, strains and stones, they protect the outfit in the feet and also provide the necessary support for the safe operation of the pedals. No matter whether you're looking at black or fancy designs, a new rubber foot improves the interior life of your car.

The rubber mats in universal size or as a fit model

In the truest sense of the word, the rubber is dyed in the foot Car every day with the trots kicked and is subject to a high strain. The apparent wear reduces the optical appearance - Who is looking for a well-groomed appearance of the vehicle interior, will have a joy in a new rubber mat. Especially when it comes to the retailer in appealing designs and in different colors, which provide for a desirable, noble or sporty look as desired. Whether as a single rubber foot mat or as a complete set, a new equipment is available at astonishingly low prices. In any case, the carpet floor is also well protected in the car, because pebbles and other green dirt quickly ruins the original floor and thus also reduces the value of the vehicle. Also, the body itself is protected from moisture, a permanently damp background can also cause rusty deposits over time. A new rubber foot mat is available in Walser car accessories in many variations, three main categories make the right choice. Universal rubber mats are a very cost-effective variant and suitable for all types of vehicles. Semi-pasterns are already tailored to specific vehicles, and specific fits are perfect for individual vehicle types.

The respective product descriptions provide information on the usability. Cut-to-size rubber foot mats allow individual and decorative solutions even in difficult cases. Small effort - Large effect: new car rubber foot mats create a perceptibly better ambience, which provides for the daily wellbeing factor. Together with gorgeous, but no less decorative, universal seat covers, older vehicles are again equipped with an inviting interior.

Rubber feet as a decorative as well as useful car accessory

It is true that the car mats are always green, With a lot of water and detergents, but they are sometimes unsightly because of the wear marks. Even if you just want to have a new and fresh inner life, you will find a variety of interesting and interesting choices in terms of rubber footing at Walser Autozubehs.

car rubber feet can be ordered individually, as a complete set, in universal size or vehicle-related measures and in many design variants at the specialist dealers.

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