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Nissan MPV Seat covers for:

Transporter car seat cover for your Nissan Primastar and Interstar

You are looking for Nissan Transporter Sitzbez u? L? In this category, we offer you tailor-made services for the Nissan Primastar and Interstar.

Protective seat covers - ideal for work vehicles

With our high-quality seat covers you give your transporter a new look. The Nissan transporter seat covers provide a reliable protection and maintain the seat and driver's seat of your vehicle. You can order the practical seat covers here for our Nissan Primastar or Interstar in the set.

Nissan Transporter seat covers from 06/2001

The Nissan Transporter seat covers are offered to you at Walser for all Nissan vans from year of construction 06/2001 until today. Because of their hard-wearing qualities, the proportions protect your vehicle seat from dirt, wear and tear. You can choose between seat covers made of care-resistant synthetic leather or robust polyester fabric.

Walser - your specialist for rugged seating

At Walser you get Nissan Transporter seat covers in perfect fit. For the production of our seats, we use light and color materials. In case of heavy soiling, the seat covers can be washed by hand. Equip your transporter with a conspicuous consistency and ensure a clean and well maintained interior.

Discover practical seating for your Nissan!

Click on the desired product category and view the available seat numbers for your Nissan Primastar or Interstar. The sets consist of a driver's seat cover, a double-bank cover and three neck-braces. If you would like a consultation or a question about your order, we will be happy to help you by phone.

Order your Nissan Transporter seat covers online at Walser now!

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