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Seat protectors for:

You have enough of dirty car seats? Then try one of our Autositzschoner.

Practical references for all types of cars

Crumbling biscuits, the leather handbag, the umbrella or just the clothes left their mark on the car seats every day. It is good that there are car seats, with which you can easily avoid these daily usage traces on the car seats. Regardless of whether the driver's seat or the rucksack - simply cover the cover and keep your car seats as new. With different colors, you give the seat cover even your own individual touch and the universal size ensures that the right fit is guaranteed for every type of car. In addition, you can choose between different materials, such as artificial leather or polyester.

Carsitzschoner - certainly good

Of course, the quality of our goods is our priority. Thus, the materials of the schooners are light and color-resistant and, in addition, difficult to ignite, which can be life-saving especially in the case of an accident. The high-quality materials offer a high seat comfort.

Seat cover for all autotypes

Our car seat covers are not only available as universal parts for the different types of cars. We also offer seats for many different transport models. Discover the right car seat for your car!

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