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Genuine leather leather covers

Our genuine leather seat covers give a value that will radiate your vehicle in a new glow.

It is a special feeling to have genuine leather seat covers for sitting in the car. What is otherwise only reserved for vehicles of the upper class, can be realized in every car. Car seat covers made of genuine leather leave no wishes open in terms of stylish look. And they are astonishingly gorgeous at the retail trade. Whether as a complete set for both front seats and the backrest or as a single reference for the driver's seat - Leather seat covers for a chic feel!

Car seat covers made of leather provide seating comfort and look fine in every car

It is not until the original seats are drenched or soiled that leather seats provide high-quality interior trim in the car. Ultimately, a question of style and personal taste, car seat covers made of leather will never fail. What is the standard in luxury limousines or expensive sports cars, can you now also opt for your car? The simply good feeling, with comfort and a touch of noblesse on the road. If you would like to have something special, without having to spend the same amount of money, you will find the right place for leather seat covers at Walser Autozubehs. Whether for a single seat or as a complete set for front seats and the backrest, the universal sizes are designed for many modest models and are tailored so that they always fit well. Using a list of types, one can quickly find out whether the desired reference is also suitable for side airbags.

The parts are T-V-tested, easy to clean and also flame retardant, so that all requirements are met. A solid and soft lamination ensures high sitting comfort, the further equipment leaves no walls open. In contrast to many other products, the leather seat covers are designed so that the holders of the head supports can be fitted by means of an integrated mounting strip without the material of the seat cover being able to penetrate or fray further. In addition to the high-quality material itself, a hand wash at 30 degrees provides for a long, appealing optical appearance. Sporty and elegant in character, every car wins through the equipment with seat covers made of leather!

Leather seat covers in universal sizes are significantly more comfortable than size.

Leather seat covers are unrivaled in price-performance ratio in the universal size, but they can still be used with special seat shapes. Whether in the newer car to maintain the vehicle's value or to provide an extra car interior again with an older car, Leather seat covers are a simple, practical and cost-effective solution for relaxing, comfortable and stylish driving. Universal leather seat covers from Walser car accessories are the perfect combination of a chic look and a great price!

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