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Trunk protection for:

Do you regularly transport things in the trunk? Our trunk protector ensures that everything stays clean.

Ceilings, mats or tubs - definitely clean

No matter whether you drive your garden waste in the luggage compartment to the recycling yard, stow away the luggage for the holiday in the back of your car or buy only one box of water - the trunk is dirty on all bottles. In order to avoid the problem, a trunk protector helps. Depending on what you need to transport, for example, a blanket or tarpaulin is the right thing to do. This allows you to lay out the complete luggage compartment and simply clean the dirt particles with the blanket. It is also easy to remove mats and boot tubs and clean them quickly and easily. This way, your luggage compartment always looks as if it is clean and clean.

Trunk protector - sort by price or popularity

You want to know which trunk protection is particularly popular with other customers, or are you looking for protection in a particular price segment? Then our filter function will help you. This allows you to sort your search results with a mouse click according to the desired criterion, so always keep the overview.

Experts advise you on the hotline

You are unsure which is the right solution for your trunk? Then just ask our experts at the telephonehotline. They will be happy to help you at any time. Find the right trunk protector for your car with us!

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