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For your garage or workshop, you will find a versatile selection at a particularly good price-performance ratio.

Practical accessories for your garage

We offer protective foam, so that the paint on your car does not get scratches when entering your garage or at the door. The rear-view camera and the garage parking sensors are just as practical for parking. With our workshop lighting you always have everything in view.

Little helpers for the next winter

Especially in the winter on ice and snow, the approach is an advantage, since this prevents a turning through of the runners. Likewise, you will be able to use the ceramics heating finder and the start-up cable in the case of cluttering cafes. You should also take care not to leave your tire or replace the car or the car lift in your garage or workshop.

Electronics lovers are in the garage & amp; Workshop with the distribution socket and the voltage converter for the cigarette lighters at your expense. Just connect several devices, such as an MP3 player, mobile phone or laptop, at the same time.

Large selection of accessories for garage and workshop

No matter whether you need a tire change, garage accessories or benzine canisters, you will always find the right accessories for you. You will find electronics articles, lighting as well as workshop lighting and start-up cables in the category garage & amp; Workshop.

Your category for high quality car accessories

We ship fast as well as from an order value of 50? Free of charge and offer you top service. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service: +49 (0) 180/5 06 06 16. If you are looking for a quiet place to stay, please contact Walser for transport equipment for your car , They will definitely be taken.

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