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Car seat covers made of artificial leather are a great alternative to genuine leather

Security is assured

Walser artificial leather seat covers not only look good, they are from the outfit to the models, which bring all aspects together. The side airbag does not have to be an obstacle to the use of decorative artificial leather seat covers, for example, the mounting strip for the head restraints is designed in such a way that the material does not penetrate further. In new and older vehicles, the car's original seats prevent contamination, provide more comfort, and still look good after a long time.

Artificial leather seat covers in universal sizes for many types of vehicles

A sporty and noble appearance combined with many functional details makes the seat of the car seat an attractive option for the car. In any case, the favorable price / performance ratio, which makes a long lasting investment a worthwhile investment, is attractive. Whether it is short journeys or a longer car trip, who already sits in the car, it would also be comfortable. The lamination of the artificial leather seat covers ensures a high sitting comfort, which simply conveys the feeling of a comfortable chair. You can enjoy this high quality of life because the noble appearance also helps the vehicle interior to create a chic ambience. The references of Walser car accessories are designed in such a way that neither the assembly of the headrests nor a side airbag cause problems. The T-U-tested design, the flame-retardant material and the Clix airbag system also take into account all safety aspects. The mounting bar for the brackets required to pass through the head supports allows the fitting to be individually adapted without the material being able to be inserted further.

Walser synthetic leather seat covers in black are also suitable for side airbags

Together with the color and light fastness and the 30 degrees of freedom, the synthetic leather seat covers for the car remain visually in good condition for a long time, even under high stress. As a universal item, they are significantly better than the products tailored to individual autotypes, but they do not allow the wearer to pass through in normal sitting. Only in pronounced special forms, such as special sports seats, should the possibilities be thoroughly scrutinized. Apart from that, a list of types provides information on the vehicles in which the artificial leather seats fit well. In principle, the head supports should, of course, be removable. As a complete set for both front seats and also a divisible backrest, the car seat covers made of artificial leather are particularly comfortable and ensure the entire car is protected for the original upholstery and an appealing look.

Leatherette car seat covers from your car accessories dealer.

In detail, the quality of the artificial leather seat covers of car accessories Walser. If headrests and belt locks are to be integrated cleanly and airbag areas such as the seat backrest part are completely covered, a uniform and improved optics is created in the car. Approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority and also suitable for seat heating systems - With less quality you should not be satisfied. Artificial leather seat covers for cars in universal sizes are the most comfortable as decorative and stylish alternative to be able to feel good when driving.

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