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Sleeping Pillows for:

Would you like to make your child as comfortable as possible in the car when traveling? Then our cuddly soft sleeping pillows are just right for you.

This is how car trips become a cuddly pleasure

Long journeys are exciting, especially for the offspring. With our comfortable sleeping pillows, however, long trips in the car become a children's play. Simply attached to the seatbelt, our soft and comfortable cushions provide a comfortable sleeping bag for the road.

More comfort for our little ones

Our comfortable sleeping pillows prevent the safety belt from being pushed. Thanks to the soft design and the beautiful, child-friendly designs, your newcomers will also be able to fasten their seatbelts immediately.

Quality Walser Sleeping Pillow

Made of high quality materials, they provide a perfect combination of comfort and safety. The upper material is cuddly soft and the infusion is wonderfully supple. A really comfortable plush for a key between. The head is quiet and secure, so that the sensitive neck area is also protected by the comfortable padding.

Pillows in bags and bags: you have the choice!

In our shop, we offer a wide range of sleeping pillows in different designs and designs from fashionable color blocking to the playful pink garly design.

Lots of fun; While pampering and discovering our comfortable and cuddly sleeping pillows!

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