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Faux fur Seat covers for:

Protective car seat covers - the purpose they serve and the advantages of faux fur

Particularly in the cold season, cosy seat covers can make your car journeys more pleasant and comfortable. But beyond this, these car accessories offer additional comfort and fulfil various functions:

  • Suitable seat covers guard and protect new car seats from dirt and wear and tear.
  • And if the seats are undamaged the resale value of the car will be higher.
  • Old, unsightly seats can seem like new in no time.
  • Faux fur on your seats can help you relax while driving and reduce or avoid pressure points on the body.
  • If something happens to be spilled while driving, the covers can be easily removed and washed in the machine.
  • Covers made of lambskin, whether genuine or artificial can enhance the visual appearance of your car.

Benefits of faux fur covers

Compared to covers made of real lambskin, vegan models are certified with the V-label. This means that they are completely free of animal content and no animal tests have been carried out on the final product. Animal lovers as well as vegans have an alternative to real fur covers to choose from. Depending on your personal taste, the vegan faux fur is available in a wide range of colours – from pink for the flamboyant car owner, to silver or beige for those who prefer a classic style, or anthracite for a particularly refined look.

An overview of the properties of our vegan protective seat covers

Regardless of the colour, the faux fur you select for your car seats in the Walser online shop has the following features:

  • Universal size,
  • Suitable for cars with side airbags,
  • Easy to fit thanks to draw string,
  • Slot for mounting headrests,
  • Includes 1 front seat cover and 1 headrest cover,
  • Made from 100% polyester and
  • compatible with car seats with built-in seat heaters.

Notes on the installation of the seat covers in the car

Our covers are noted for their particularly simple installation. You remove the headrest of your car seat and pull the cover over the backrest and the seat base. Attach the cover to the bottom of the seat using the drawstring system. The integrated slot system allows the headrest to be attached through small openings. All ready! The requirements to ensure trouble-free and easy installation of our vegan covers are as follows:

  • Removable headrests,
  • Built-in normal or sports seats (unsuitable for RECARO sports seats) and
  • No join or seal between seat base and backrest.
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