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Backseat pockets for:

This category provides you with handy organizers that provide additional storage space in the passenger compartment, as well as preserving your front seat.

This is how you safely take things away!

Are you looking for decorative and high-quality backpacks for your car, which will provide you with a reliable protection for your back seat? Then in this category you will surely find the suitable organizer for you and your passengers. Children in the car often have toys, bicycles or other small things. A car seat pocket safely and neatly sits under children's reach and at the same time protects the back of your front seat by removing dirt and nuisances.

Easily attach the organizer to the front seat

All organizers in this category are suitable for all popular car models. Each rucksack is easy to fit: use a Velcro fastener and remove the handy accessory with a few hands.

Would you like to know more? Contact us!

In order to make your selection easier, we have provided all the organizers in this category with pictures and all important information. Should you have any questions, just contact us - We will be glad to help you!

If you are in this category, you will find organizers as you wish!

With an organizer - a bag for storing different things, you always have order in your vehicle ,

You can store children's games or other things practically in the back seat organizer. Their children always have the possibility to bring the toys independently, as long as the small hands come to the seat. The organizer also serves as a backrest protection, since here, too, for example, dirty children's shoes are prevented from reaching the car seat.

The rear seat organizer is easily attached to the driver's or co-driver's seat. The fastening is carried out with a Velcro strap on the headrest, which means that the backrest is very comfortable.

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