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WALSER GmbH can already look back on over 40 years of history and has stood for the highest brand and product quality from the very beginning. Since our founding, we have been inspired by the vision to produce products that increase the safety and comfort of our customers. Our expertise in the production and distribution of products from the mentioned areas is supported by our many years of experience in the market and confirmed by the feedback from our customers. For example, over 4 million seat covers sold each year testify to our competence and the confidence our customers have in WALSER products.

For this we thank you very much!

To give you the opportunity to get to know us a little better, we have summarised our most important WALSER Values below.



WALSER Wert - Sicherheit

The safety of our products and above all of our customers takes top priority at WALSER. Every production process is monitored by Walser and no product leaves the factory without a final inspection. Our products are also regularly tested by recognised, independent test institutes. In addition to those for statutory requirements, this also includes a large number of voluntary test.

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WALSER guarantees the highest product and process quality along the entire value chain. Both internal and external processes are precisely monitored. In addition, many products and production sites are tested and monitored by independent testing institutes. The quality and selection of high-quality materials plays an important role in our products, so that you can enjoy the benefit of your WALSER products for a long time.

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WALSER Wert - Qualität


WALSER Wert - Kundenzufriedenheit

In addition to the safety and quality of our products, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. That we live this, not just in word but also deed, is underlined by our excellent reviews across different networks (source: Trustami - Reviews and Experiences for walser-shop.com). We are proud of and also appreciate the trust our customers place in us, and work hard every day to meet or exceed your expectations of WALSER and our products. Please convince yourself! And should you still be dissatisfied, please do not hesitate to contact us. With us you talk to real people who will do everything to find a good solution for you!

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Sustainability and open trade are enormously important in today's world. In order to live the idea of ​​sustainability in everyday life, WALSER is a member of the amfori business association and a participant in the amfori BSCI and BEPI initiatives. Amfori is the global leader for open and sustainable trade. In doing so, we are committed to adhering to and improving social and environmental standards along the entire production process.

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WALSER Wert - Nachhaltigkeit


WALSER Wert - Innovation

Our development team is constantly following the latest trends in the market and developing them for your benefit to produce innovative products. One of our greatest and most important innovations is the WALSER Clix airbag system: a special system that allows the side airbag to deploy without restriction when required. In addition, we have developed several patents, such as the Zipp-It zip fastener system, the hybrid foam of the Premium Hybrid hail protection cover and the Slot mounting rail. 

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For more than 40 years, leading brand and product quality has been the hallmark of WALSER. Founded in 1977, we are one of the market leaders in car interior equipment and accessories, safety and comfort. As an example, we sell over 4 million seat covers each year that are testimony to our expertise and the trust of our customers in our products. In the field of comfort and safety accessories for your vehicle we are a supply partner that you can rely on!

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dirtect from the producer

WALSER WERT - Ihr Partner - direkt vom Hersteller

Walser GmbH Hohenems Team

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 The team behind the WALSER GmbH in Hohenems/Austria.

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